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my life right now

11.9.14 3:04pm

So, right now I am everything but being productive. And I have to say… I need it. Over the course of the last three years I have been writing and promoting my butt off with book release after book release, not to mention owning and selling a company. It has been super crazy recently. Therefore, it was time for a long little break. While I am going through this anti-productivity phase I have been playing the crap out of some Magic the Gathering. There are two comic book stores in the area that have several events a week. With that I have had plenty of opportunity to play. Even though I am taking a break from writing I still have a few books coming up. I have a co-write that I did with Dane Hatchell coming out with Severed Press early next year. The co-write novel came out to about 95,000 words. So, it’s a beast. I am also going to be re-releasing Cucumber Punk and Captain K and the Bearded Man Boy with Rooster Republic Press. Other than that, I have been taking my time on a graphic novel.

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The first panel of page five

10.26.14 1:36pm

As you may already know I have been working on my first ever comic book. Here is a quick glimpse at how that is going. Here is the first panel of page five for the book. I took the dialogue out because I didn’t want to give anything away about the storyline. The book is coming along slowly but surely. I am very happy with how each page as a hole has turned out thus far. At my current pace I could see this thing graphic novel ready for publication submissions by the summer.

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Updates all Around

10.19.14 7:42pm

Updates all around today. I feel like it has been a little while since I posted anything, so here it is in a nut shell. I have a lot going on… as always. So, here goes!

First off, I am a core member of a regional group called C3 Comics. Our first project was with them was an anthology that will soon be available here online. We are currently working on the website and store for the current release and releases to come. In the midst of all of that my novella, Rainbows and Sunshine… and Zombies came out as an audio books. You should go get that junk! My author copies came in the mail. They turned out great. If you have been reading my posts in the recent past you will know that I recently started dreads. They have been coming along well. I am a little past three months with the new hair cut. It may seem silly to some people, but I like it. So… there. And yes… I started playing MtG again! I got a few duel decks and even put together a mono black deck that I am pretty proud of. Other than all of those things I am just taking it easy. I have decided to slow down on writing and focus on my graphic novel. I am already a few pages into it and it has been a lot of fun putting it together. Lots of hard work. I can’t wait to share Tucker the Raccoon with the world.

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Web design junk

9.27.14 9:39pm

With the recent purchase of the publishing company I used to own I have gotten a little bit of extra free time. This free time used to be filled with doing a lot of web development and design work. Since the free time has showed up I haven’t had as much of an outlet for doing the design type stuff. Well, problem solved. The publishing company Rooster Republic Press just basically gave me the go ahead to be the lead design consultant for them and their new imprint Strange House Books. I did the cleanup work on both of their sites this weekend.

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the book finds a narrator

9.25.14 12:04am

Dude, check this mess out. I just released a new novella today. It is so new that the paperback hasn’t even come out yet. And somehow, despite the newness of this thing, it has been optioned for audio book format already!

How cool is that?

I don’t know if you ever listened to the audio book format of my bizarro novella THE BIKINGS, but you should. I lucked out and the same guy that narrated that book has jumped on board for this one. David Radtke, the same guy that narrated THE BIKNGS is now working on Rainbows and Sunshine… and Zombies. I am eager to hear is samples and move forward with this project. If you have the time I would recommend checking out his website. He has a lot of samples from other books he has done and… besides, take the time to pick up one of the books he narrated. I am sure he would appreciate it.

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Rainbows and Sunshine… and zombies

9.24.14 8:41pm

Okay people, my new zombie novella with Severed Press just came out on E-Book. The name of this one is Rainbows and Sunshine… and Zombies. You don’t want to miss this one. It’s only $0.99 in the kindle store on amazon. You can’t beat that price with a stick. And heck, you can’t beat that price even if you wanted to… unless you have a virtual stick to swing.

Me and Frank, we work for I-Corpse (an extermination company). The mundane risks one takes during the 9 to 5 at a job like this are pretty basic. Explosions, decapitations, and your everyday horde of the undead are something that just comes with the territory. In a world where everyone who dies becomes one of them someone has to take out the trash. But today, on this particular day on the job, we have more to worry about than just your average corpse.

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Prophet of the Dragon

9.20.14 5:25pm

okay, so big news here people. My big brother just published his very first novel. Unlike myself, who pumps out book after book, Mark’s title is a masterpiece. This beast is like 700 pages long or something. That is freaking nuts. But it must be common for the Fantasy style that he is working toward as an author. For me the book leaned toward Lord of the Ring mixed with almost anything written by C. S. Lewis. Good stuff.

Anyway, you need to check out this book. Really great stuff!

The name of the books, his first in an epic trilogy, is called Prophet of the Dragon.
Go buy that junk right now!

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Biggest Add Placement Movie of all Time

9.20.14 5:01pm

I recently came across the movie Mac and Me on Netflix. I remembered that show from when I was a little kid. It came out when I was something like 5 years old. So, you can imagine that it was pretty freaking cool to me back then. So, when I found it I had to rent it. And I did. It’s funny how things look later in life when you get older. The movie was still good and wholesome. So no complaints there. But one thing that I realized the second time around was the fact that this movie was just one big marketing campaign. Pushing product after product in front of the viewing audience like it were going out of style.

“Here, pass me those Skittles,” one kid says.
“No, problem,” Says the other, as he passed the candy at just the right angle so that the bags label is face up and takes up the entire screen for just the right amount of time.

Makes me wonder… do I like skittles today because I want to or because this movie told me to? That is a sad-sad thing to think about. So I won’t. Skittles are good. The end.

To show how ridiculous this movie product placement was, here is a video. Oh, by the way… one of the main characters in the movie works at a fast food restaurant and wears her work uniform through the entire movie. It is true—fast food really can save the world!

Here is an article on Den of Geek dot com. They do a really great job of explaining the movie and how it relates to several other alien movies of that decade like E.T. among others. I thought it was worth checking out.

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