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The book about my departed best friend is now available

4.20.14 2:33pm

A lot of people had the privilege of meeting my awesome dog. Sadly, no one else will be able to do that now that he is gone. But, there is still a little hope. If you wanted to get a glimpse into who he might have been as a talking super hero dog, then this is the book for you. When it comes to publishing a book I find it important to place the book where it belongs. This book will be found under Nonfiction/Family/Friendship. Captain K and the Bearded Man Boy is pretty freaking serious if you ask me!

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Hustle it up or miss the deadline!

4.13.14 9:24pm

I am impressed with Rooster Republic Press.

Okay, a lot has happened over the course of the last few weeks. First off all I signed a new bizarro novella with a small independent publisher that sports a cock head for their logo. This book is THE BIKINGS, which just so happened to come out as a paperback literally just in time for Frightmare Con in Dallas and for my book signing at a local comic book store. Is this a coincidence? I think not.

A lot of writers have a lot of negative things to say about small POD publishing companies. And to be honest, I have a lot of negative things to say as well. But this blog post is far from negative. Having worked with a few small publishers I have learned that some of them don’t offer much outside of formatting and light editing. With Rooster Republic I have to say that is all I honestly expected. But I got more than I bargained for. The guys that run that company know how to hustle. Between the two of us we came to the conclusion that my novella, THE BIKNGS, should see a release date that would allow us to flaunt it at the convention and my upcoming appearances. In order to do this everyone involved (editing, proof reading, formatting, design and cover layout) had to be on our ‘A game’. Most publishers would have said no when I asked them to shoot for the deadline. This publisher did something different. They stepped up and went for it. And if there is one thing I am very big on, it is communication. With the deadline approaching (giving us enough time for shipping the books) the communication got better rather than worse. This is something I have seen fall short countless times with other companies. Rooster Republic Press owed up. I didn’t have to send an email asking for an update. They did that type of thing even before the thought even crossed my mind to email them. Communicate, communicate, communicate! That is what I love when working with others. And that is what this press offered.

I don’t do this often, so the fact that I am doing it goes to show that they made an impression on me. If you are in the market for a small press that publishes bizarro and general weird fiction, then I highly recommend working with these guys. From the outside looking in they might seem like another small fish in the big game of independent publishing, but they’ve got one thing a lot of the other guys don’t. and that’s drive and gusto. They get it done.

I look forward to working with them in the future.

PS: if you haven’t read any of their books, you should. They have quite a few very good authors on their rooster (pun intended).

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The Bikings – Out NOW

4.13.14 7:59pm

Harek is a timid Viking whose affinity for all living things derives from excessively viewing PETA documentaries narrated by Alec Baldwin.

Crone is a vintage 1950′s bicycle that is also being ridiculed by his peers. But it’s not his fault that his rider is Harek of all Vikings. Something has to change before the Elder bicycle and Orr, the Viking leader, throw him and his rider out with the spare parts.

In this post-apocalyptic wasteland where Japan’s Nuclear Power Plant in Fukushima turned the ocean into a toxic sea, Harek and his mind-beaming bicycle fight against all odds to prove themselves in a world where everything affected by the toxic spill is out to get them.

Including Alec Baldwin.

It is officially available as a paperback! Get that mess because this book is freaking awesome!

Click here to get it! The ebook and audio book will be available soon.

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Quantity in writing

4.6.14 6:52pm

In the independent world of publishing that seems to be a trendy little topic. How many books a year is too many for one author on the ‘release quota’? I have kind of leaned both ways with it. I have seen an author out there releasing novella after novella, literally one every two weeks for a three month period. At some point one has to wonder if the multiple releases are hurting sales. I know I have wondered that a time or two. Then you have authors that release a lot in a year, but not to quite that extreme. I have seen a more common trend of authors publishing a minimum of one short novel per quarter. Sometimes even a little more. At that pace an author can publish up to 6 books, sometimes a little more, every year. First of all that is a lot of writing, and second I wonder if it would hurt sales or even start to cramp their fan base with too much to look at. After reading three books by that type of author would I start to see a trend in their writing style? Would I realize that they are just cranking out the same material over and over again? I think in a lot of cases that is very true. But, does it really matter? I have heard a lot of readers and even writers suggest things slow down. Release less. Make those sales for each title really count. I honestly don’t know what I believe. I think it doesn’t matter. We are talking about self publishing right? Because even today an independent publisher is actually just a store house for self publishing authors. If you disagree with me on that, then you are in denial. It is true that many of these indie publishing houses are on the rise. But the big picture would suggest that what I am saying is true. So, if I am an indie author who is writing for the enjoyment of writing, then why does it matter how many books I publisher in a year? Even big time authors that are signed to big 6 houses still produce, produce, produce. So, which is it? Should I focus on writing one good book a year, or have fun doing it at my pace as a creative outlet? I think that should be up to the individual author. If they have fun spitting out countless books, then let them. If they think that less is more, then let them. Publishing is a different world that it was 10 years ago. With that said… I have a lot coming out this year. Next year however might be a very different story.

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A lot going on in my neck of the woods

3.29.14 6:30pm

Okay, so a lot has been going on behind the scenes for me over the last few weeks. For starters, I am proud to announce that my publisher Severed Press has done it again! My novel, THE OLD ONE, will be translated to German this year. The new translation will be released toward the end of the year. There is also talk of doing several of my other SP titles in this format. If that becomes the case I think that would be freaking awesome.

I have also just confirmed (but not yet signed) a contract for what will be my very first co-write novel. I am very excited about this. It will be a challenge to say the least. But I am thrilled to be releasing with this publisher and honored to be writing alongside this author. I can’t say more than that as of right now. But soon… very soon.

I also just signed my bizarro novella, THE BIKINGS, with Rooster Republic Press. They have quite a few great authors on their roster. So, I am proud to announce that I am joining the team over there. Although the book is finished, it still has to get all the bells and whistles for release. So, I don’t have a definite release date yet.

In other news… I have one book that is still getting worked on for audio book release. Killer Koala Bears from Another Dimension is still in the recording phase. So, be patient. It is on its way. I promise.

I am finally cracking down on the Super Hero Dog book. Captain Knuckles deserves it. I need to finish that book! Once that bizarro book is done I already have a new on in mind. All I will say about that is that the main character’s name is Tucker.

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Civil War Rino

3.16.14 8:41pm

Okay, I just finished a new one. This one is called Civil War Rino. I am getting a little faster with the tablet. Now that I have a good feel for it I think I am going to start working on something bigger. Something that has a lot going on. These animal portraits were a wonderful starting point for me in getting used to using the new tool. No idea what will be next.

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author copies

3.12.14 11:52pm

There is nothing more rewarding than receiving something in the mail like this. You spent 6 months writing the book, two months editing it, and 1 months tweaking what the publisher wants or suggests. That is a lot of time and effort. Well, when you get all that time and effort in the mail and get to hold it in your hand and love the outcome of the project as a hole, it is well forth all the work. Permuted Press did a great job on the paperback for my new novel, THE REMNANT. With that said, go buy the paperback. It is now available.

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