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Stay inspired!

8.29.14 1:34am

I was just in the mood to write a little blog post. So here we are. I want to talk about writing and being inspired to write. At some point in your writing career you will crank out so many words that you become burnt out a little. There is a major difference in being frazzled as a writer and having writers block. A big difference. I recently wrote a 95,000 novel. The first draft of this novel was cranked out in roughly 3 months. That is a lot of words in a short time if you ask me. Especially for someone like myself who has a day job. Even after all that work you still have to do the editing and proof reading and mark-up approvals. It’s a lot of work at the end of the day. After writing thousands of words a day for a few months one can find it hard to get motivated to start a new project. I can admit that I have found myself in that place.

So here is the topic… how do you find the motivation to pick up a new project after crashing through another project?

The answer is simple: at least for myself. I would hope it can be the same for you as well. I have found that getting started is the only hard part about picking up a new project. That is all it is. Just get started. That’s all it takes. If you can get started, you will get inspired. And that is all there is. When you get burnt out and feel like it is time to take a year off from writing, just sit back and start writing. After you finish the first chapter you will be sucked in. And once that happens you will be feeling it. You know what I mean. That moment when writing literally happens all by its self. Your fingers just blowing through page after page.

So, what am I saying? If you ever feel burnt out but want to keep the pace going by starting a new book… just trudge through that first chapter. I promise that after that the rest will fall into place and you will find yourself knee deep in a new world with new characters… and having fun all the way to the bank.

Just keep writing.

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Howard the Duck

8.20.14 9:10pm

Okay, so apparently there are rumors going around that a new Howard the Duck movie is in the making. With that, something I am excited about, comes a new topic. What is up with all of this hate for the old movie? So many people seem to think that was a blockbuster bust. I don’t know about you, but I happened to believe that movie was freaking awesome! In fact, it was that movie that got me reading the comic books. It was the comic books that got me writing my own comics. All great things inspire. Enough said. If they are in fact making a new one. This guy right here is freaking pumped!

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Big news in the Bizarro World

8.15.14 10:02pm

Big news. A few posts ago I mentioned that I had some big news coming around the bend. Well, here I am to tell you that news. Those of you who know me well or keep up with my antics here on the world wide web know that I am the founder of BPP (Bizarro Pulp Press). I started the company in January of 2013. And since its birth it has grown to be a radiant breathing, living thing. The company is bigger than I would have imagined in just this short time. A lot of hard work went into it. Not only my hard work, but the hard work of many others involved.

Well, officially today I no longer own BPP. That’s right. It got sold. The company now belongs to Journalstone. I can spend some time in length explaining who they are, but instead just look them up on your own time. If you do look them up, you will see that they have it going on in the publishing world. And that means a lot for the people involved in the company I started last year. It is only going to keep on growing. Keep on getting bigger. And honesty, that is something I can look at and be proud of.

Although I am no longer behind the captain’s chair I know that it was passed off to the right people. I look at how far the company has come in such a short time and am excited to see where it continues to go without me behind the wheel. Who knows, something I founded may one day be the backbone to some major players in the literary world. And if not… if it stays at an indie level below the radar of the masses I will still be proud. Because, I gave birth to it. And all living things need to one day leave the home and grow on their own. It excites me to know that she will be growing just fine. Not only am I proud of her I am proud of the new acting CEO—the guy doing the PR for the new owner. He has helped me water and nurture it from almost the ground up. It feels good to know he is behind the wheel.

I can’t wait to see what see looks like a year from now.

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Tucker gets a makeover

8.3.14 6:21pm

I have been playing with the idea of doing color rather than black and white for this comic book stuff I have been working on. In the process I totally redid the look I have been doing for Tucker the Raccoon. I want to know what you think looks better.

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Limited Edition

7.27.14 11:57pm

Some really awesome news that I have been waiting to tell everyone. My novel, Hitchers, is going to be a limited edition hard cover release from Thunderstorm books. That’s right. Numbered copies at very limited supply. I am honored to be among some of the authors I look up to joining this company. Authors like Brian Keene and Shane Mckenzie, and Bryan Smith. Very cool stuff! The book looks like it will be coming out in the fall. I am not sure as to how many copies will be printed, but if I remember correctly I am thinking it will only be around 60 copies. I can’t wait for this to come out. Hitchers was probably one of my more favorite titles and yet, somehow, it managed to fall to the side like some books do. Maybe this will help give it a little bit of a boost.

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Update on my projects

7.12.14 3:42pm

As of right now I have a lot going on (As usual).

Another Permuted Press Novel

First off, I am only about 5 chapters away from finishing the first draft of my next Permuted Press release. The title of this book and its content are a secret. I will however tell you two things about it. It is my first co-write and it is a zombie novel. If I plan it out right, the 5 chapters will amount to about 10,000 words left. If I work hard I think I can crank through it by the end of next week. I don’t know though, because I do have a lot of other stuff going on.

Comic Book Stuff

Tucker the Raccoon is a character I have been working on. Right now I am working on my first official print release for him. The title of the piece is Attack of the Meat. Tucker’s first official appearance will bin a 4 page spread in a local comic book anthology about food. Thus the meat attack. Once this 4 page spread is complete and turned in by the deadline I will begin viewing different options on my creation process. With this, I will start working diligently on my first graphic novel. The contents of the book have already been figured out. I just have to sit down and do it. An official Logo for Tucker has also been finished up by a local artist, Jake Abelman.

Bizarro Pulp Press

As many of you know, I own and operate a small indie publishing company called Bizarro Pulp Press. We have been around for a little over a year and a half know and things are gearing up for a monster of a change. This is massive news. Right now I am not allowed to give any more details, but you will hear it from me as soon as I can spill the beans. I am excited about this news. It means big things for everyone involved in the company.

Rainbows and Sunshine… and zombies
This is a splatterpunk/grindhouse/bizarro novella that I am working on. Well, I haven’t actually started on it just yet. But once I do get some of the above things off my plate I will begin writing on it ASAP. I am excited about this one because it strikes as close to home as anything I have ever written. You will find out why once it is done.

So, those are the things I have been doing. Like I said, got a lot going on. Stay posted, because we have a lot of new material coming, big secrets getting revealed, and like always, me telling really jacked up stories.

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Audible download codes FREE

7.4.14 2:56pm

The codes are in. Here are 5 FREE Download codes for my bizarro novella, Captain K and the Bearded Manboy. Grab one while the grabbing is good. And don’t be a jerk. Take one and leave the rest for someone else. Jerks are lame and no one likes them. They usually spend life alone. Sad.

Anyway, Enjoy the audio book. I loved how it turned out.

1. Go to my book’s page on Once you have copied your ONE coded, click here.
2. Add the audiobook to your cart.
3. Enter the promo code, and click “Redeem” on the cart page to change the price from full price to $0.00.
4. Create a new account or log in.
5. Complete checkout, and start listening to the free copy of the book.

1. JQ5WU7J6P273G
3. 3FY5C776HQ6L2
5. FM73MS5NU5K98

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No More Sad

7.4.14 2:48pm

So, there are some mornings on the weekends where I will sit down and watch HLN. Sometime last week they were talking about this guy that was taking requests. You would send him a song and he would dance to it for you on Youtube. The concept behind this is NO MORE SAD. And I have to honestly say that it worked. Seeing him dance to a song I picked was epic. So epic in fact that I had to share. It made my day. The song I picked out was from August Burns Red. Most of the songs the guy was getting to me seemed a little on the main stream side. So, I went with something that I loved. Something with a dance beat. Anyway, here it is. He even says ‘Pat’s song’ right before he starts dancing.

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Dread Head on the move

7.4.14 2:38pm

Okay, so a long while back when still played drums in a band called Save the Ship, I had dreads. I recently decided to go back to the poop shaped hair. I have been working on it for about two weeks now. Well, more like Sarah has been working on it for about two weeks now. Anyway, they are coming along. Starting to tighten up. Right now my hair may seem a little silly, but as they get longer it will begin to look better. I am happy with how they are turning out, but look forward to the day when they are about twice the length that they are right now. If you have ever wanted to do this type of hair, I highly recommend checking out Dread Head HQ. I recommend their products and their customer service is tops.

As the progress continues I will be sure to post new pictures.

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