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Horse in Spaaaaaaaaceeee…

2.8.15 3:24pm

I got nominated on Facebook to do some artwork by another artist that I look up too. I was not able to do what the nomination called for, but it did inspire me to sit down and do a little something-something. This is what I ended up with. Enjoy.

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2.7.15 5:14pm

It has been a little bit since Sarah finished school and has started stepping into the career path she has chosen. With that, I have been thinking about going back to school myself. Over the last three years I have made very good money supporting the oil industry with my welding and machining skills. But honestly I don’t support the boom for more and more crude. And because of that I am a hypocrite. I am not going to post here about the earth and the damaging effects the oil industry takes on it while draining its resources. That is not what this post is about. This post is about what I want with life. And what I want with life is to not have my thumb print on the sink holes and oil spills in our water supply. If I am going to do something with the rest of my life I want it to be for someone else. A service if you will.

After much thought and research I have come to the Commonwealth Institute in Houston Texas. I am thinking hard about getting into the mortuary business as an embalmer. Through the institute I will be able to get an AAS degree. That is an associates of applied science. And as you can guess, you know what it will be applied too.

Some people look at this type of career and think it is morbid or creepy. But it is in fact not. It is a respectful career that honors and serves the community at a time of need. And although the money will probably be half what the oil industry could offer me, there is one thing destroying the earth could never offer. And that thing is called fulfillment. Stay posted for future details. If things keep moving forward I will be hanging out with dead people in the near to distant future.

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Update on the ol’ hobby front

2.1.15 3:43pm

As a lot of you already know I have been playing Magic the Gathering a lot lately. The reason for this new hobby has been to find something I enjoy doing while keeping myself from turning it into a job. Seeing as to how music became a job… and then later, writing books also became a job, playing cards has been a relief on the hobby front. It is just something I can do for fun while hanging out with friends. It’s a nice little way to get off of the internet and actually interact with my friends while not forcing deadlines and silly goals related to project releases.

I recently started playing EDH (known as Commander in MTG for those of you that don’t know what that is). It is where you have a 100-card deck that has no duplicate cards other than basic lands. In this game you have an actual commander that is always on the battlefield in what is known as the command zone. These guys are usually the backbone to your deck (usually). Anyway, all the legalistic aside you can see from the above photo that I did a little personalization to my two commanders (I have two EDH decks). How the heck can you go wrong with Howard the Duck as your commander? And Cthulhu? You have to admit the Old One was a perfect fit for that replacement. With flying, lifelink and a ridiculous win condition ability like that I saw no other match than the great beast from the depths.

I know what you are thinking: is something like this even legal in the game? Well, no… not in a tournament setting. But as a casual player I am sure my friends will get a kick out of my new Generals.

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A. Lee Martinez sucks

1.18.15 4:02pm


The other day I posted on twitter that A. Lee Martinez was my favorite author of 2014. I wanted to take that post a step farther by posting a little something about him here. Over the course of 2014 I have read nearly all of the titles he has listed on amazon. I am currently reading The Nameless Witch. Good stuff. Anyway, why is this author so good? He just is. This guy knows what he is doing. He paints a picture with an even flow of content and dialogue. His characters are all fantastic. My favorite one so far I think has been Epic Road Trip.

So, how did I come across this author? Well, when I was doing the indie publisher thing with BPP I published an author that seems to be getting a lot of buzz over a bigfoot book. Apparently bigfoot is a genre. I didn’t know that. While at the book store I stumbled across Monster by A. Lee Martinez. It had something on the cover about bigfoot. So, I picked it up and couldn’t put it down. From that moment forward I couldn’t put any of them down. I have gone down the line picking up book after book. What makes this author so special to me is how different he is with everything. He keeps everything light hearted and fun while still keeping the story serious. I don’t know how he does it. If you are tired of the same old fiction pick up one of his books. You will be glad you did.

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Top 100 without lifting a finger

1.18.15 3:27pm

For the last 7 weeks, knock on wood… ever since The Dark Times released on amazon it has been in the top 100 for post-apocalyptic books. With something like this I don’t normally toot my own horn… but this one is the acceptation. And I will tell you why. I have done zero promotion online. With all of my other works I have busted my butt getting it plastered all over social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Those books have sold well, but not like this.

So, here is the question.

Why is this book doing so well even though I haven’t lifted a finger?

Here is my thoughts. The amazon sales ranking system is actually calculated based on a sales vs views ratio. If 100 people view and buy the book then that would be a 100% sales rate. If 100 people view it and only 50 people buy it… well I think you get the point. The lower your sales percentage, the lower your rank. So… all that promotion I did worked in the sense that it got my books in the public eye (lots of views). But if I only sale 10% of 1500 views it actually hurts your rank.

What does that mean? Sometimes less is more.

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Thunderstorm book release

12.24.14 3:01pm

Recently I was lucky enough to join the many great authors over at Thunderstorm Books. My horror novel, Hitchers, came out yesterday over there as a limited edition lettered and signed hard bound book. I got my author copies in the mail yesterday and they look fantastic. But, when I got online to do a little promoting, the publisher informed me that the book has already sold out. I didn’t feel like promoting the book anyway.

A good problem to have if you ask me.

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I chopped off my dreads

12.13.14 4:01pm

Okay, so I cut off all my dreads. Bad decision or not? I don’t know yet, I haven’t honestly decided. Thinking back on the so called dread journey I don’t have anything bad to say about the experience. Yes, it was trying at times simply because there really is a lot of work that goes into maintaining your dreads while you wait for them to mature, but aside from that it wasn’t all that bad. I never did get around to posting too many photos of my hair while it was like that. Not that I didn’t like my hair, it was just something that never got around to happening. So, with that… I will explain the style I had. The dreads were only on the top of my scalp like a bowl cut if you will. I usually wore it to the side or pulled back in a pony tail. They hung down past the shoulder.

So here are a few reasons why I chopped the dreads. One, I live in an area that is more than 6 hours away from a salon that can or is willing to work on my hair. Two, a part of me feels like dreads on my entire head rather than just the top would look a lot better. Three, I think thicker dreads would also be easier to maintain and would mature faster (my dreads very pretty thin).

So, what does this mean? As of right now I have decided to do a no shave 2015. That means no trimming the beard or my head hair at all. Just wild growth. If I do stick with it and my beard and mane become beautiful and long it will be time for dreads round two. This time I will be doing all of my hair rather than just the top and will be going thicker with the size. I may even consider going the bleach route. I considered doing it this time around but was already too far into the process and didn’t want to damage anything.

So there you go. My three good reasons to just chop it all off.

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new book

12.8.14 11:35pm

I just released a new full length novel called The Dark Times which was co-written with a close author friend, Dane Hatchell. It came out as an Ebook today through Severed Press. Click here to get your copy.

Rico Cruz is an overweight cop drowning his sorrows in whisky at a local pub when the first zombie guts hit the fan. The war with the undead is short-lived in a decisive victory by the living. The world is forever changed, though, and a third of the population is stricken by a mysterious illness.

Rico is inspired to change his life for the better, and after dropping a few pounds, heads off on his Harley for an adventure to anywhere. Before Rico gets very far, the seeds from the previous war bear ghastly fruit, turning millions into flesh eating zombies.

The Dark Times is gritty; edgy; everything you expect the zombie apocalypse to be. The events move quickly, tossing you head first into gut-wrenching, dilemma-decision action. In all, The Dark Times is a harrowing page turner guaranteed to satisfy your hunger for the zompocalypse.

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